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Rock Prodigy Timer App
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Rock Prodigy Timer AppĀ 

Available for Download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

This app by Trango Climbing provides workout timers based on the Rock Climber's Training Manual protocol and the Rock Prodigy series of hangboards:

- Hangboard *
- General Fitness exercises
- Free Work, Timed Rest (e.g. Bouldering rounds, Campusboard) *
- Timed Work, Timed Rest (e.g. ARC, Climbing rounds) *

* more than 2 sets requires a one-time upgrade (in-app purchase) of just $2.99. Updates will always be free!

The hangboard timer is a unique feature of this app providing a timer with repetitions of short Hang and Rest periods (a Set) followed by a longer Break period. You can customize the number of Exercises, Sets and Rep(etition)s, and select the amount of time for Work, Rest and Break (rest between sets) periods. For convenience, it has 3 default training cycles for beginner moderate and advanced climbers. In these workouts hand grips are shown on the screen. It is also possible to change the settings of a default workout, or setup a complete custom workout.

The other timers can be used for various other climbing or general exercises, such as to time the rest period while performing campusboard training, core fitness exercises, climbing rounds on a boulder wall, ARCing, and many other exercises.


- Customize all details of your workouts.
- Save (and reset) workouts.
- Very clear and big timer display.
- Optional sound and vibration feedback.
- Full screen option.
- Pauses automatically when you receive a phone call.
- Keeps track of the workouts performed by exporting to Google Fit (optional). (in a future update!)
The Rock Prodigy Timer App is currently available for Android and IOS devices.

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