Fuegos Style Set

Color: Blue

A full set of all 38 Fuegos Calientes from the screw on Crimps to the massive Ultimo Jugs.

The vision for these holds was born at Trango's 2021 Shaper’s Symposium outside of Hueco Tanks, TX in Ty Foose’s legendary shaping studio. The concept was well received and I was encouraged to duel-tex them right there in Ty’s studio, a big moment for me as someone who grew up inspired by Ty’s work. I think the strongest and most useful holds are the ones that can go from 5.10 to 5.14 with minimal changes. I thought about this every time I was in the studio. How can I make a line of holds where the setter doesn’t even need to think about the level? My ambition is to instill confidence that the route will end up getting to where it needs to be, without having to make a complete overhaul of the work that’s put into it. With this line, I’m attempting to gain the trust of the route setter, both that they can present the challenge of pinching in their everyday sets without marginalizing a group of climbers, and no matter what the holds will be able to hit whatever difficulty the setting team needs it to be.




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