Khans Style Set

Color: eGrips Blue

A full set of all 34 Khans from small screw on crimps to the massive size 7 Mega Sloper Jug.

"There are many reasons this line is called what it is. Back in 2018 I took my first trip to Switzerland and climbed a boulder called Jungle Book; many of you probably know of it. The shape of the rock, the movement between the holds and the grips a person has to grapple with in order to succeed on this climb is unlike anything I had done in the past. On the boulder there is one sequence where you are on the right arete and you have to move way out left to a sloper, having to match this hold 5 times, because there is only one spot that is good enough to move off of. This is the very hold that inspired the Khans."

-Roy Quanstrom




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