Fast Rope Descender


Safely Manage The Heaviest Loads

The Fast Rope Descender is the first device which allows the safe and speedy insertion of  SAR teams, operators, and other units needing to descend a fast rope with heavier than normal loads.  The FRD maximizes operator safety by providing additional speed control and a fixed attachment to the fast rope, reducing the loss-of-control risks associated with heavy descents.  A quick detachment system lets the operator release the rope nearly instantaneously after touch down, allowing them to quickly clear the zone and proceed with the mission.  The FRD can attached to heavy items separately, allowing them to be lowered individually from the operators.  Items attached separately will maintain their connection to the fast rope until released by a team member, especially useful when inserting heavy items, such as inflatables, into the water.

  • Eliminate weight limitations on fast rope operations & insert tools and systems traditionally considered too heavy for fast rope missions
  • Allows for safer insertion of users not specifically trained for fast rope operations (interpreters, physicians, guides, canine units, etc) 
  • Designed by special operators to overcome the challenges of unique fast rope operations
  • Manufactured in the USA and Berry Compliant

Not available via online order.

To order, contact us directly via or (303) 530-3035



Each kit includes:

Fast Rope Descender (1)

Double Carabiner Leash (1) with (2) Notchless Locking Carabiners

Double Quick Release Leash (1) with (2) Snap Shackles

F.R.I.E.S. Leash (1) with (1) Snap Shackle

Notchless Locking Carabiner (1)

Carrying Bag (1)


Weight: 5.55 lbs


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