About Trango®

Established in Boulder, Colorado in 1991, Trango is an athlete-driven brand committed to pushing the boundaries of climbing and enhancing climbing technology. Renowned for producing top-tier climbing equipment, Trango offers some of the world's most popular climbing holds and iconic gear. Additionally, Trango serves as the U.S. distributor for Tenaya climbing shoes.

Trango crafts innovative equipment that climbers trust. Driven by our passion for creating solution-oriented products, we aim to support climbers in pursuing the sport they love. With Trango gear, you can expect something extra and special to enhance your climbing adventures, whether indoors or outside.

Trango® Sustainability

At Trango, we believe in sharing and preserving our planet for today and future generations. Our commitment to making a difference drives us to care for our planet and people through our core values. We strive to share our passion for climbing with enthusiasts worldwide, embracing inclusivity in everything we design, make, and sell.

We recognize the challenges of creating sustainable, environmentally responsible products. By refining our processes and standards, we continually seek ways to recycle and reuse. Our focus extends to materials, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping, always aiming to improve the sustainability of our products while enhancing the climbing experience. This ambitious goal requires time and dedication; we understand it won't happen overnight. We are systematically working within each product category to reduce our environmental impact.

In our quest to leave a better, cleaner world, we strive for sensibility with our vendors and acknowledge the need for increasing commitment every year. We establish baseline metrics and collaborate with our supply chain to set targets for our product categories and manufacturing processes.

Through these efforts, we aim to contribute positively to the planet while providing exceptional climbing gear.

Sustainability requires constant vigilance, community outreach, and a long-term vision. We recognize the need to take action whenever and wherever possible. Not all materials and processes adhere to our desired standards, but we work daily to find solutions to achieve or exceed those quality standards and customer expectations.