Flex Cam

SKU: 21211-01

We're here to help you celebrate Send-Tember by including a free racking carabiner with the purchase of any size individual FlexCam, Big Bro, or Offset Nut 5-Pack.  Simply add a one of these promotional carabiners per applicable piece of protection to your cart and we'll include a free color matched Phase carabiner to pair with your pro when the order ships!

*Promo applies to individual FlexCam (sizes 1-9), individual Big Bro (sizes 1-5), and Offset Nut 5-Pack. Limited to individual purchases, some restrictions apply


Flex Cams feature class leading range and are among the lightest 4-cams available. They use our innovative bi-color system to ease size selection and utilize doubled UltraTape slings so you can clip in at three different lengths.

  • Class leading expansion range and price
  • Lightest standard single axle cam
  • Full color sizing system with matching slings and lobes for easy identification
  • Double length extendable slings


#1   Weight:   58 g     Range:    11-17 mm        Strength:       7 kN

#2   Weight:   60 g    Range:    15-21 mm        Strength:       7 kN

#3   Weight:   73 g     Range:    19-27 mm       Strength:     10 kN

#4   Weight:   81 g     Range:    24-33 mm      Strength:     10 kN

#5   Weight: 121 g      Range:    27-43 mm       Strength:     12 kN

#6   Weight: 128 g     Range:    34-55 mm       Strength:     12 kN

#7   Weight: 148 g     Range:    44-68 mm       Strength:     12 kN

#8   Weight: 182 g     Range:    53-86 mm       Strength:     12 kN

#9   Weight: 233 g    Range:  63-107 mm       Strength:     12 kN