About Trango

Founded in 1991, Trango is a company of climbers. We design products to improve and expand the climbing experience. Our goal is to share our vertical expertise with climbers so they can spend more time enjoying the rock and climbing gym. Trango helps climbers  test their strength, challenge their limits, and live in the ascent.


Our purpose is to support climbers. From gym, to crag, to peak, we work to innovate gear and address the needs of climbers while we support the communities and organizations that unite us in our pursuits


Our products are designed to perform for all climbers, from mountain peaks to the hardest redpoints. We provide purpose specific products to help you on your vertical journey, wherever that takes you. 


We live for the challenges and the rewards gained from the ascent. We apply this attitude to the way we do business.  We strive to inspire passion for the vertical pursuit in everything we do from design to dealers to service. 

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