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Rock Prodigy Forge

Rock Prodigy ForgeĀ 

$129.95  In stock

The Rock Prodigy Forge uses the same principles that make the RP Training Center so effective and adds new dimensions of difficulty and ergonomics. New features include: a dedicated closed-crimp grip with thumb support, all-new edge profiles, drafted pockets, steeper slopers and a smoother texture throughout. All hold dimensions are different from the RP Training Center, making it the perfect addition to your training arsenal. Learn More.

Tech Tip: extend workouts by lessening resistance with the Rock Prodigy Pulley Kit


Dedicated closed-crimp grip with thumb support
All-new edge profilesĀ 
Drafted pocketsĀ 
Steeper slopers
Smoother texture throughout

Dimensions: 5.25"x 12.75"

Log Book

Holds Guide


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