Name: Skiy Detray

Hometown: Bishop, CA

Motivation to Climb

I love the places climbing takes me, the connection to nature and the amazing people I meet along the way. I relish the quiet focus and the raw intensity required to find my limits. Climbing gives me an opportunity to overcome and confront fear and self-doubt on a regular basis. But most of all I climb because it’s fun!

Most Memorable Climb

There are so many! One experience in particular was In 2011 when I traveled to Pakistan to attempt the Great Trango Tower. Andy Hoechal, Pierre Ollsen, and I tackled the spectacular and sheer 4,400 foot east face. We spent 24 days living in portaledges battling high altitudes, storm conditions and a myriad of technical climbing challenges. The cultural experience mixed with the raw elements of the climb proved to be an amazing journey.

Favorite Climbing Spot

Tonsai Thailand is my favorite spot. Nestled in a ocean paradise nook and speckled with dreamy limestone. Bungalows near the ocean and hot spicy Thai dishes. Doesn’t get much better than that!


I grew up on a farm in Spokane Washington thirsting for adventure as early as 8 years old when I did my first solo overnight camping trip. I began climbing in earnest during collage throughout Montana, California, and Utah. Unsatisfied with my professional direction at 24, I tried out for Air Force Pararescue, for which I served 6 years as a Pararescueman. This hardened my resolve and sharpened my reflexes for my burning desire to become an alpinist. At the age of 30 I bought a van and moved to Yosemite securing a spot on the Yosemite Valley Search and Rescue Team. For four summers I cut my teeth surrounded by world class climbers, during this time I was transformed into a granite climbing machine, mastering cracks and big walls. In the winters I honed my ice and mixed climbing game. Now with 30 El Cap ascents to include 5 speed records, the ability to climb A5, 5.12 trad and WI 6, I feel ready and stoked to take it all to the greater ranges! Most recently, Canadian Alik Berg and I forged “Illusions of the Raven” on the East Face of the Moose’s Tooth 5.9, A4, WI 4R 5500 feet which required every trick in the book!