Beta Stick EVO


Your stick clipping just went up a grade

The Beta Stick Evo features a completely redesigned head with an adjustable wire arm, allowing you to clip both solid and wire gate carabiners. The new snap lock clips increase clamping force and enable easy adjustment.

  • Your stick clipping just went up a grade
  • Collapses to easily carry in your pack (Climb and Compact models fit into an airline carry-on)
  • Adjustable wire arm for clipping solid and wire gate carabiners
  • Updated snap locks enable easy adjustment and integrated pole channel prevents spinning
  • Can be used to place and clip quickdraws, remove a hung quickdraw, and pull a rope
  • Clips to harness for going bolt to bolt
  • 4 sizes: Climb (5 ft. extended), Compact (8 ft. extended), Standard (12 ft. extended), and Ultra (22 ft. extended)
  • Beta Stick EVO Tutorial and Maintenance Guide: English, Spanish, French, German


Climb: 17.75 in. collapsed, 5 ft. extended

Compact: 21.5 in. collapsed, 8 ft. extended

Standard: 29 in. collapsed, 12 ft. extended

Ultra: 44 in. collapsed, 22 ft. extended


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