Low Bulk 11 Sling


Our slimmest slings

These slings provide strength and durability in a compact package.

  • Lightweight for any discipline from sport to trad to alpine
  • Narrow width makes them easy to handle and organize
  • Dyneema blend material
  • Color coded for length
    • 30CM (Yellow)
    • 60CM (Orange)
    • 120CM (Red)
    • 240CM (Green)


30cm    Weight: 10 g        
              Strength: 22 kN
              Width: 11mm

60cm    Weight: 20 g        
              Strength: 22 kN
              Width: 11mm

120cm   Weight: 39 g        
               Strength: 22 kN
               Width: 11mm

240cm   Weight: 80 g        
               Strength: 22 kN
               Width: 11mm



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