There's nothing the Oasi can't do

Designed to achieve the highest levels of performance, the Oasi is exceptionally comfortable yet offers incredible precision and responsiveness, making rock climbing feel easier and more intuitive. Our team of engineers and designers has been working on the Oasi project for two years, searching for the perfect rock shoe for extreme climbing. 

The shoe offers exceptional performance across a wide range of climbing disciplines, from bouldering on tiny edges and friction-slopers to long endurance pitches on overhanging walls.

The Oasi has been created using the MRRB system (Maximum Range in Response and Balance), a new technology developed by Tenaya, which favors a dynamic response and perfect balance, leading to superior performance in all kinds of testing situations. As with other Tenaya models, the Oasi features SXR Dynamics, a moving tightening system incorporating design elements in the sole and structure of the shoe. However, in the Oasi we have taken this one step further with our state of the art Draxtor — the fastest, most efficient and precise lacing system in the market today.

The Oasi also features a powerful heel, providing optimum comfort and stability, while delivering excellent heel-hooking capabilities.

In the Oasi, state of the art technology combined with meticulous attention to detail proves that high performance and high comfort are possible in the same shoe, resulting in total connection between the climber and the rock.


Upper Material: Microfiber

Closure System: Draxtor patented system, Velcro

Tongue: Lycra, two-layer and bidirectional

Lining: TXT treated cotton

Insole: 2D multi-layer Strechtex

Midsole: Double midsole GI 1.8 & TST150

Sole: Vibram XS Grip 3.5mm

Technology: RBRX, SXR Dynamics

Weight: 340g




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