Rock Prodigy Natural


The Natural evolution of Rock Prodigy training

The Rock Prodigy Natural combines the best elements of the proven Rock Prodigy system with natural and FSC-certified sustainable Beech wood for a more neutral texture. Hardwood construction minimizes wear and tear on your hands, letting you train harder and longer, while the natural texture of the Beech limits friction and forces you to more effectively engage your muscles to maintain control on training grips. The Rock Prodigy Natural includes a two piece mounting board allowing the climber to make quick and tool free adjustment to board location to optimally dial in width for specific movements. Additionally the board can be easily removed for cleaning or when not in use, leaving only the mounting rails, for minimal visual impact.

FSC Forests For All Forever


  • 100% natural Beech wood construction
  • FSC-Certified Sustainable materials
  • Friendlier texture for fingers means you can train longer 
  • Includes hardware and mounting cleat & rail system for tool free adjustment & removal
  • 2 variable depth rails (10-33mm), 3 pockets (27-38mm), 10mm closed crimp, small & large pinches 
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs
  • Each board measures 7.5" wide x 6" tall x 1.5" deep


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