Rock Prodigy Pivot

Color: Red

State-of-the-art Rock Prodigy training

The Rock Prodigy Pivot is the new standard for state-of-the-art training systems. Featuring a quad cleat mounting system, the board can be oriented in 4 different directions, quadrupling the hold density and allowing you to train more effectively than ever. Additionally, the Quad Cleat design allows for tool-free adjustment, customizing each individual grip to your individual ergonomics, along with quick and easy removal for lower visual impact when not training. The future of training has arrived, and it’s more efficient and adjustable than ever.


  • A complete training system: includes both the board and the universal
    mounting system, to easily install anywhere with only a screwdriver
  • 4 different usage orientations with 22 distinct grip positions: the
    widest range of finger training options in the industry
  • Quad-Cleat mounting system allows easy rotation & tool
    free adjustment of width for optimal ergonomics
  • Precision engineered training grips sculpted by
    the world’s leading hangboard pioneers
  • Quad Cleat mounting system means easy removal
    for low visual impact when not training
  • Highly portable, compact design allows you to bring your
    own board to the gym: never wait for a free board again!


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