Comfy Size 3 Positives

Color: eGrips Blue

Slightly larger than the OG comfy crimp line, these holds continue the tradition of single hand directionals. These are sure to be a favorite of route setters everywhere. The Positives provide a good grip but not enough surface to make these the thank-god jug you've been looking for.

"Some of my favorite holds of all time are the OG Comfy Crimps! I started playing around with some spare foam a few years ago and initially I just wanted to shape 10-20 holds that were roughly 50% larger than the original 10 pack. Fast forward to the middle of 2021 and the offer was proposed that I shape an entire line of holds with the Comfy style as the theme.

"At that point I spent many hours carving out the rough shapes and refining them to deliver enough holds for a launch of a Comfy Style. I put together a line of holds drawing inspiration from that original 10 pack with new holds from size 2 screw ons all the way up to size 7. Throughout the sizes I worked to make sure the holds represent the spirit of the Comfy style with a large grip radius as well as demonstrating incut, flat and sloping grips positions."

- Kevin Branford, Shaper




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