Agility 9.5 Red Flag


Your most reliable partner

The Agility 9.5 might become your most reliable partner, no matter what kind of route you set your eyes on.  Designed to perfectly balance performance with durability, the 9.5 is light enough to send, burly enough to project, and smooth enough to be the rope you reach for first, every time.

This rope includes Trango's proprietary RED FLAG treatment marking the final 5 M of each end a bright, contrasting red. This provides a clear visual indicator of approaching rope ends so you can ensure stopper knots are tied and the rope system is closed. Our Red Flag treatment is designed to increase attention and enhance levels of safety during the riskiest parts of rappelling and lowering. This rope combines futuristic performance with revolutionary safety features to make our most advanced rope yet.


  • 9.5 Diameter for enhanced durability when projecting 
  • Light enough for alpine and redpoint use 
  • Agility 1x1 weave for better performance and handling
  • Available in standard dry finish

Lengths: 60 M, 70 M, 80 M

Dry Treatments: Standard Dry

Weight: 61.5 g/m

Rope Type: Single

Falls: 12

Static Elongation: 31%

Dynamic Elongation: 32%



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