Vector Mega Rack Pack


Fumble-Free Clipping: A stronger, lighter, and more ergonomic carabiner

We've produced the perfect carabiner. With a larger-than-average gate opening, raised ridges for better grip, and a wide rope bearing surface, this lightweight carabiner is designed for effortless clipping. The Vector Mega Rack Pack features all 8 colors so you can individualize and color code your rack.

  • Full-size wiregate carabiner
  • Exceptional gate open clearance
  • Large rope-bearing surface
  • Curved gate for better traction while opening
  • Raised ridges on spine for each clipping
  • Partially-hooded nose to reduce snag
  • Exceptional closed-gate strength
  • Includes 8 Vector carabiners: purple, red, tangerine, yellow, green, cyan, gray, and black


Weight: 40 g 

Dimension: 101 x 59 mm 

Gate Opening: 30 mm 

Basket: 41 mm 

Strength - Gate Closed: 30 kN (Major), 8 kN (Minor) 

Strength - Gate Open: 9 kN


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